Last full day reflection :(

IMG_20160420_171553384_TOP.jpgAfter our expedition to the animal sanctuary was cancelled due to precipitation, our illustrious chaperones relocated the morning’s festivities to an establishment known as “Main Event Austin”. This place had it all.   From bowling with the works (pins and balls) to a simulated combat arena requiring both offensive and defensive tactical strategies with the utilization of light based weaponry (laser tag).

IMG_5737‘Twas quite the romp.

After that, we got on a bus.

In the words of Amanda Cohen, “Today we volunteered at AGE, a community center for the elderly. I really enjoyed this experience because I got to connect with someone who had a completely different life than me and so much to tell. I also enjoyed being able to go out of my comfort zone and talk to new people.” – Amanda Cohen (Cohen ‘19).

Once we arrived back at the hotel, the members of the 14-17 male demographic announced something they had been planning since they first made the group late leaving from Target. In room 1014, from 5:00-6:00 they hosted the first semi- quadra-weekly-annual TISY cocktail hour. Serving such delicacies as Bagel Bites, Top Ramen and “heat for a treat”, they entertained, amused and delighted and entertained all who were in attendance which was everybody also they all dressed their Sunday Best and there was sparkling apple cider and cheese tasting and the Freshmen were the waiters.

The final event was a baseball game, and let me just say, it was a touchdown and a half. We repped the naysh, watched Spanish soap operas and cheered on our favorite AAA team: The Red Rock Express.   To quote Jack “J-Swag” Sila,“Fun was had by all” – Jack Sila (Sila ’16)

We ended with an amazing reflection led by Bryan that really dug deep and gave us young up and coming jews a chance to express our feelings about the trip as a whole. It was truly a great soul-searching experience that allowed for us to bond as a community in our final hours.

Peace, Love, TISY

– Jacob Plotkin (Plotkin TBD) and Jack Sila (Sila ’16) and Amanda Cohen (Cohen ’19)


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